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Founded in 2012, Zimi Corporation is a high-tech enterprise specializing in smart hardware, phone accessories, and IoT technologies.

In 2013, ZMI joined the Mi ecosystem, and, following trends in smart hardware and IoT, began in-depth cooperation with Xiao Mi. In 2013, through research and development, ZMI created our first MI power bank, achieving number-one ranking by global sales volume within two months of release. Between 2014 and 2018, the cumulative MI power bank sales volume exceeded 100 million.

In May 2020,Xiaomi has acquired the ZiMi company with the stock right of 49.91 percent.

ZMI specializes in researching and developing accessories for high-end smart phones and smart hardware, released under our own branding. ZMI products lead the market with their superior quality and competitive pricing. These include power banks, chargers, wireless chargers, USB cables, smart household appliances, and our Rainbow Batteries.

ZMI insists on innovative design, offering products that not only win over consumers, but have also achieved recognition among various professional platforms. Many ZMI products have been winners of international industrial design awards, including Red Dot Design Award and Red Star Design Award.

Currently, ZMI's distributors cover over 100 countries and regions across the globe, permitting shared operation of global distribution channels guaranteeing users' access to global product systems and services.

Our mission

Closeness to users delivers improved user experiences, and better lives for all.

Our vision

To become a global brand driving growth in our industry.

Core value

To offer amazing products at honest prices.

Quality orientation

Technological innovation, continuous improvement: providing high-quality products, services, and solutions.

Our culture

Original products, guaranteed user experience, constantly improving efficiency.

Our way forward

Promote innovation, enhance quality, control costs.

Our team

Employees are companies' core wealth. ZMI constantly encourages its employees to keep continue striving and innovating. At ZMI, we have ambitious product, R&D, design, marketing, and QC teams, based in varied countries and regions including China's Jiangsu and Beijing, California in the USA, and Noida, India. Our lively team members are dedicated to the smart hardware ecosystem, and have injected ZMI with vitality and vigor, providing our users with high-quality products and services.

Global coverage

ZMI now provides products and services to over 100 countries and regions worldwide, including the U.S., U.K., Europe, Japan, Poland, Brazil, Israel, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa, and serving over 100 million people.

IoT strategy

As IoT technology matures, ZMI has prioritized IoT as one of its major development orientations. Since 2018, ZMI has rolled out various smart household appliances implementing control via MI Home or the Xiao Ai app. These include the ZMI Wireless Charging Speaker, ZMI Alarm Clock Speaker, MI Home Mosquito Repeller, MI Home Smart Camera, MI Home Projector, and Xiaomi Xiao Ai Alarm Clock. IoT has made ZMI products smarter and made interaction between users and products more natural, creating an immersive user experience.

  • 2012
    In February 2012,
    Wuxi Xiao Ji Ling was founded.
  • In October 2013,
    the company was renamed ZMI.
  • 2014
    In April 2014,
    ZMI's monthly shipments of power banks exceeded 3 million units.

    In May and October 2014,
    ZMI raised capital sums of USD
    2 million and USD 15 million, respectively.

    In December 2014, ZMI's
    annual revenue exceeded
    RMB 1 billion.

  • ZMI rolled out a power bank
    compliant with the 45 W
    bidirectional USB PD protocol,
    and supporting USB 2.0 data extension.
  • 2018

    As a core enterprise in
    the Xiaomi ecosystem, ZMI-developed
    MI power banks have achieved
    total sales exceeding one
    hundred million units.

    Over the five years to
    December 2018, cumulative
    power bank sales exceeded
    100 million.

  • ZMI officially introduced
    GaN into consumer electronics'
    charger accessory sector.
    Xiaomi's 65 W Type-C GaN Charger
    Power Adapter was the first
    to be equipped with GaN technology.
  • In May 2020, Xiaomi
    has acquired the ZiMi
    company with the stock right of 49.91 percent.

Product design

ZMI products' most outstanding feature is their obsession with detail. Making exceptional quality products is part of ZMI's nature.
Focused on developing smart hardware, ZMI conducts ever-deepening technological research to create proprietary products with unique characteristics. Many of these have attracted high industry and user acclaim, and become winners of international industrial design awards, including the iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, IDEA, and G-Mark.

Innovative exploration

To remove the charging pain point of accessories such as Bluetooth earphones, ZMI took the initiative creating a low-current mode for power banks, which was later copied by peers. In 2019, ZMI even applied USB-C 50 W super flash charge in MI power banks, making them capable of supplying the latest Xiaomi phones with up to 50 W power, a feature now standard in the fast-charging industry. What's more, the ZMI 10 Power Bank Pro, released in 2019, also applied output impedance tracking technology. And 2020's ZMI-developed MI GaN Charger has officially introduced GaN technology into the charger accessory sector. Each step made by ZMI showcases our spirit of exploration.

Changes in attitudes are increasing the attention users pay to health hazards and environmental issues. In 2019, ZMI's Qinghe brand was created, including products such as suspended mosquito repellers, mothballs, and cockroach traps, whose integration of features from traditional household products with innovations has brought them wide acclaim, and favor in household application.